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Free Download: Therapy Worksheets

Browse various worksheets related to mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral techniques, stress management, and more! These worksheets are for educational purposes. 
Click the button below each worksheet to download the free PDF.

Grounding Therapy Exercise thumbnail.png

Exercise in connecting with the present moment.

Problem Discovery thumbnail.png
Problem Discovery

Take a closer look at a situation to make sense of it

Thought Record thumbnail.png
Thought Record

Take a closer look at how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Support Map Thumbnail.png
Support System

Identify ahead of time a plan for who to reach out to.

Feelings Thermometer thumbnail.png
Feelings Thermometer

Explore escalation and learn when to apply stress management techniques.

Miracle Question thumbnail.png
Miracle Question

Clearly identify what feeling better actually looks like.

Stepladder Goals thumbnail.png

Break down big goals into easy steps and track anxiety.

Peek Inside Mind thumbnail.png
Peek Inside

Use this simple worksheet to keep track of thoughts as you notice them.

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