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Relationship issues

What are relationship issues?

Relationships are a major part of society and social support systems. Relationships can range from platonic to romantic to familial. Our understanding of relationships can be greatly influenced by our family's culture, local culture, and extended culture of one's country. How we view others interacting with us and with others helps to shape how we interact with the world. 

Relationship issues often involve difficulties with communication, trust, expectations, and commitment. Communication can be thought of how we try to get our message across and how we react to the messages that we receive from others. Trust can be thought of as having confidence in someone else. Expectations are rules or assumptions that things should happen a certain way. Commitment is often an agreement to do something or abide by certain rules for the future. 

Holding Hands

Examples of relationship issues include:

  • Constant fighting

  • Recurrent misunderstandings

  • Distanced relations or no communication at all

  • Feeling like one person has to "give in" 

  • One-sided conversations

  • Avoiding important topics

  • Feeling pressured to go with the other person's opinion more often than not

  • Poor boundaries (either enmeshed or too stringent)

Therapy can help address relationship issues. Couples therapy or family therapy is important to consider. However, sometimes individual therapy can help in conjunction with couples or family therapy. Individual therapy focus on your role in a relationship and exploring things within your control. 

If you're interested in pursuing individual therapy, please check out Scheduling for more information.

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