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Do you have trouble with...

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People pleasing - feeling like you constantly have to sacrifice your own needs to make others happy or comfortable?

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Worrying too much - feeling like if you don't plan everything out to the smallest detail then something might go wrong?

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Perfectionism - 
feeling paralyzed or beating yourself up thinking something has to be done a certain way or else it's ruined or bad?

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What does your mental health affect?

Your ability to manage stress, overcome obstacles, and make decisions
How you think, feel, interact with, and perceive the world
The way you interact with friends and create relationships
How you deal with and recover from illnesses

Counseling may be helpful
If you're experiencing or feeling...

Difficulties concentrating or focusing

Restless or having trouble relaxing

Trouble with sleep or nightmares

Trouble adjusting to change

Frustrated more often than not

Difficulties controlling worries

Difficulties managing stress 

Not like yourself anymore

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Merissa Goolsarran, LCSW

Making the decision to start or resume counseling can be daunting. I am here to empower and support clients on their journey. My specialties include working with clients who are experiencing anxiety and relationship issues. I also specialize in mental health issues that are prevalent in the Caribbean/West-Indian and South Asian communities (perfectionism, intergenerational trauma, people pleasing, burnout, etc.).
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Online therapy makes it easier to find and connect with the therapist that is right for you. You no longer have to search for things like "South Asian therapist near me" or "Miami anxiety therapist." 

Online therapy can be safe, easy, and convenient.

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What makes online counseling easier?

​You can contact your potential clinician via email.

You can complete intake forms and assessments online.

You can feel comfortable by being in your own space.

Save time from having to go to and from an office. 

Looking for a therapist near you? 

Stay connected for updates and insights on Instagram - @brightlotuscounseling

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